Three camping games for adults that are fun and must be played.

After the sun goes down and the bonfire is ignited, the amusement and pastimes are set to commence! To enhance your camping experience with your fellow adults, you can consider trying out some super fun camping games if stargazing, singing in unison around the campfire or having a cold beer are not enough and everyone is still awake. These games are guaranteed to make your camping trip even more unforgettable.

Two Truths and A Lie

This fun and classic game motivates participation from all individuals. If you are spending time by the campfire at night, using it as an ice breaker can be very effective. This game is most enjoyable when played by people who are not well acquainted with each other, such as campsite neighbors who have decided to socialize.

Each participant will write down two facts about themselves, which may include something they have done, on a piece of paper. Have fun with the game by being imaginative when writing, as the more obscure and uncertain a fact is, the more excitement it brings. Moreover, devise a falsehood.

Retelling: Alternate between sharing three statements labeled as "facts" and asking participants to identify the false statement among the three.

Wink Murder

A perfect game for playing around a campfire that is also a classic. This game is most enjoyable when played with a large number of individuals - the greater the number, the livelier it becomes!

In a circle, all individuals will be requested to shut their eyes. The individual who is not participating, referred to as the "leader", will move about and make their choice for the "murderer" by tapping them on the shoulder. If you receive a tap, it implies that you are the murderer.

The leader will instruct all participants to open their eyes once the murderer has been selected. The killer continues to eliminate their victims by making a secret and discreet blink, all while ensuring that no one in the group becomes aware of their action.

Getting winked at results in elimination. To win, it is necessary that an individual still participating in the game observes the murderer communicate with someone through winking.


The game has uncomplicated rules, yet it is highly enjoyable to participate in. To start the game, a person will audibly mention the name of a renowned individual. The person following in the circle has to come up with the name of another notable individual whose first name begins with the same letter as that of the previous one mentioned. If you are unable to come up with an answer when it is your turn, you will be eliminated.

Experience greater enjoyment during your next outdoor adventure by playing these enjoyable camping games designed for adults.

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