Discover Four Amazing Locations for Hiking Under the Full Moon

Hiking becomes even more delightful when it's carried out under the radiance of the full moon. The unconventional method of hiking brings a distinct sense of enjoyment that cannot be found in the conventional way of hiking.
Hiking can be a thrilling activity, offering a variety of experiences depending on the destination and the season you choose to explore.
The destinations listed below provide excellent opportunities for hiking during full moons:
Bryce Canyon National Park, located in the southern region of Utah, is renowned for its stunning and awe-inspiring displays.
The Hoodoos, characterized by their colorful and twisted rocks, present a mesmerizing sight under the moonlight. As the night falls, the park assumes an eerie ambiance. You can embark on ranger-guided hikes into the canyon, which can span up to two miles, during the nights of every full moon. During the winter season, visitors can also enjoy snowshoe hikes that offer a distinct encounter with the canyon's geological features.
The hike at White Sands National Monument promises to be a mind-blowing experience, especially for those interested in witnessing the beauty of moonlit dunes. In the moonlight, the stunning dunes of White Sands National Monument appear absolutely magnificent. The dunes at this hiking spot in New Mexico are distinguished by their age, as they are millennia-old, rendering it a distinct and exceptional destination. What's even more fascinating is that these structures are composed of a mineral called gypsum, which is not commonly found in sand.
Explore the desert with a knowledgeable guide on a 3-hour, 2-mile scenic hike in Tucson. During the hike, our hiking guides will furnish UV black lights to help you spot the scorpions that inhabit this region. Rest assured, your guides will easily spot them and they will become visible under the UV black lights once illuminated. As the sun sets and darkness descends upon the desert, you'll be mesmerized by the unique colors and stunning beauty of this landscape.
The Makapu'u Point Lighthouse is a great example of how Hawaii offers more than just beaches and sunshine. In my opinion, hiking should be a priority when exploring this beautiful destination.
Makapu'u Point Lighthouse, situated on the enchanting island of Oahu, is an excellent hiking spot, as I would like to highlight. The hiking trails cover approximately 2 miles and provide a pleasant view of the coastline's picturesque scenery. The level of difficulty is moderate. The moon's ascent through the clouds further enhances the already mesmerizing sight of the ocean waves at this location. There's no denying the fantastic sensation that comes with experiencing the natural beauty of ocean waves while hiking.
If you're someone who enjoys hiking and wants to try something different, full moon hiking is a great option. It adds a unique experience to your usual hikes. Head to the place you love the most and relish in its delight!

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